Currencies in 7 Seas Casino

7 Seas Casino features an assortment of different ‘points’ and ‘currencies’, and they can be a bit confusing, no question.

Coins (Gold) - The basic currency of the game. Coins are what you use to play almost all of the games and what all the games pay out when you do well. Coins are only used for playing the games.

Gems (Green) - The premium currency of the game. Gems can be used to purchase Charms and most of the other credits, tokens, points, and so forth. Gems generally must be purchase with real money, though Gem awards are common throughout the game.

Charms (Assorted designs) - Not precisely a ‘currency’ but Charms are the primary way to purchase Coins, as Charms are essentially packs of Coins that pay out as you play. Charms may be purchased with Gems individually or in sets through the Party feature - highly recommended! Charms are also awarded as prizes for some games and as awards from features like the Treasure Box.

Avatar Tokens (Pink) - Currency that will allow players to purchase new outfit pieces, adding variety to their in-game appearance. Avatar Tokens may be purchased with Gems or awarded by features like Season Challenges. Your Avatar Token totals are displayed in the Avatar section of the game.

Fish 'n Chips (Silver) - Currency used to Level Up the your fish in the Treasure Fishing feature. Higher level fish pay out more!

Party Passes - Parties are the best deal on Charms in the game (so the best deal on Coins). Party Passes can be used in place of Gems to pay for and attend Charm Parties. Party Passes may be gifted to other players with Gems. Party Passes are displayed at the top of the Party List feature.

Why aren’t fish n chips included in the aquarium treasure, since that’s the only place you can spend them?

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