Eliminate friend pop ups during games

How do I eliminate the little pop ups telling me so and so has arrived - while playing games. they block the game - and often disrupt the play.


Hi Carrots,
Go to settings, then privacy and sharing, scroll down to where it says “show online notifications from friends” and unclick it.

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i also have it set to no one sees me when i am online, when i don’t have many passes and cant go to parties… or i dont want to be invited because i just want to do challenges…

thanks. That did the trick…

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good strategy. cuz ur right - often - you’re not in mood/able to go toparties…


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very often, im on early in the am, or insomnia hits, and i play, or like last night i worked a concert and didnt get home til almost 1am… so i just want to get online and play a few games… so i keep myself incognito for most of the time! @carrots1