How Party Busters Work

Following a successful Charm Party (where the room fills and Charms are awarded), an optional Party Buster after-party begins in the same party room.

As players in the room purchase additional Party Charms, the Party Buster bar displayed across the top of the room fills up. The more and bigger the Party Charms purchased, the faster the bar fills. As it fills, additional prizes are awarded to everyone in the room, each generally more valuable than the last. If the bar fills entirely, the party is said to have “Busted”.

If a player leaves the Party Buster room for any reason, they can navigate back if they know how to find the host’s suite. Check your inbox for the receipt from the party to find the host’s name to navigate back into the Party Buster’s room.

Important: Players sometimes report the Party Busters display not showing up in the room. Please be assured all Party Busters and Party Charm awards are handled on the 7 Seas Casino servers where display problems do not alter the results. Even if the display isn’t showing you everything, you’re still collecting everything you should.

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