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Hi everyone, I’m Adam, the Customer Experience Manager for Flowplay. Our team will be responsible for keeping this new forum both active and moderated from now on. If you have questions, please ask! That’s what we’re here for! This forum is new to us as well, so look for changes, fine-tuning, and updates as we get the hang of how to use this new tool along with all of you.


holy cow, this takes some getting used to !!! lol i hate change… ill have to study this in depth… haha

what can i do when my chat doesnt work anymore

it might be because of it being a monday night ? usually mondays are update days, and lots of things go wonky, people get kicked out of parties… generally slower … Yes even chat and locate buttons seem to stop working as well.

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I have to say that I’m not very happy about this change. Zendesk certainly was far from perfect, but at least it was a straightforward forum, without a lot of extraneous stuff. IMO that’s really what we need even if it’s not done thru Zendesk. All of this stuff about badges, endless profile info and settings and the like just takes away from getting to the meat of a Help forum…to post questions or comments and get replies. Please let’s get back to the simplest way of doing this. We have plenty of social networking interaction on the 7 Seas site. I can’t see why we need to expand it further in order to participate in a Help forum.

I also wish that there had been a way to preserve the posts that were on Help previously when we had Zendesk. I came here today to look up a couple of things on old threads, only to find everything changed and no way to see those old postings.

I had been very active previously on Help, but the way this forum is structured now, I doubt that I will use it much. Too many bells and whistles…too complicated.

im hoping that there is a reward of sorts for those who help answer questions. like in gems or party passes. :grin:

Lets see what happens @ rareorchid

I haven’t been able to locate the New User Tutorial to become Certified. Could someone point me in the right direction? Ty!

@Rare_Orchid i dont remember doing anything to get certified… if you click on the new user tutorial, and will say if you took the time to go over the new program, and will say if you a certified. BUT there is NO green check mark, once you completed it. Hope this helps!!! :blush: :eyeglasses: :grin: :melting_face:

hi Adam. Derrick mentioned to me that you were the man to speak with. Samantha said I could get my old, deleted account I had your team delete when I thought I would not make it through my major surgery. I requested support delete my “TonyJoe” account and your team did on February 14, 2024. I am ok, made it through the surgery, so I am asking to have TonyJoe account restored so I can continue using that account and it’s coins. I created a new email account per Samantha

Please help me and restore TonyJoe account. Thank you so much Adam. Tony

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how do you report a player who is using whisper chat other than right stuff talking inapprovate like its dating site florida1

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@hot_michael may i suggest you send a private message… go to the top right corner and see the SUBMIT A REQUEST , that way you can give them the info in a personal setting. Also if you go to your settings, you can set it to only friends can whisper to you. Or you can do like i do, keep myself to NO ONE can see when i come online, at times when i dont feel like chatting.

If you feel like this person is a problem, block them, then they cant see when you come on line, or if you are on deck etc, they can not see what you type to others in public… and they can not whisper you.

Hope this helps!!

thanks i didnt no all that been on here 651 days ty very much

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@hot glad i could help. really study that section on your page, about al the settings… it really helps.