A Guide To Change Your Avatar's Appearance

There are many different ways to customize your Avatar’s appearance in 7 Seas Casino. Once you’ve selected an Avatar at the beginning of the game, a new Avatar is not able to be selected again, but you can customize your face, skin tone, outfits, and accessories.

To get started, click on your avatar’s picture in the upper right corner of the screen, then click on Inventory.


There are four categories you can customize:

  • Face
  • Outfits
  • Hair Styles
  • Accessories

The Face

Click on the Faces option to choose the type of Face you’d like to use.

From this section, you can select the option to see Male or Female avatars.


Adjusting Skin Tone, Hair Color, and Eye Color

In your Inventory, there is a display image of your Avatar. In the upper left corner of the display, there is a color wheel. Click on the Color Wheel to pull up all the options for changing your skin tone, hair color, and eye color.


Next, select the colors you’d like to use, and this will be adjusted on your Avatar’s display image.


In the Outfits section of your Inventory, you can select new Outfits for your Avatar to wear. When you first start 7 Seas Casino, you’ll only have the Outfit from the Avatar you originally chose. Any extra Outfits you’d like to wear will need to be purchased in an Outfit Store. Outfit Stores are located on the Main Deck of the Cruise or at Port. Outfits at Port will not be available if the Cruise is at sea.

The Decked Out! Shop is located on the Main Deck of the Cruise. You can click on the shop to enter and purchase some extra Outfits. You can also purchase some extra Hair Styles and Accessories.


Purchasing Outfits, Hair Styles, and Accessories uses Avatar Tokens. These are received from completing Season Challenges and Lifetime Milestone Rewards. If you want to purchase an item, but do not have enough Avatar Tokens, you can trade some Gems for extra Avatar Tokens. You’ll be asked to pay the difference with Gems when purchasing the item.

Hair Styles

In the Hair Styles section of your Inventory, you can choose which hair style you’d like to use. Click on the hair style of your choice, and when it is highlighted in blue, your Avatar will be wearing that hair style. If you’d like to be bald, you can click on the option that says None, and this will remove the current hair style.


Your accessories include items for your face, head, body, and Pets (VIP Only). Select the accessories you’d like to wear, and once they are highlighted in blue, your Avatar will be wearing those items.

Note: To remove accessories, you must click on the None option next to the specific category where those accessories are located, and this will remove all accessories from your Avatar. You can also choose a different accessory if you’d like to switch to a new item.

The Accessories section is also where you can name your pet. Keep in mind pets are for VIP members only. Click on the pet you’d like to have, and you can click on the red pencil icon to change the name. Type in your pet’s name and click OK.