Great job with the pet Fox

Also great job with the new port, the clothes are gorgeous and the accessories too.

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@Jaisy3044 i want the panda head… lol

honestly i give up on this game tho… i just lost 2 billion on slots, USING all my best charms… time for a break from here. :frowning:

I got the panda head last night, it is so freaken cute!!! I want to throw a Panda party, let me know if you get it. You still have a few days. I want panda charms too!!!

ill try to get it… but i am stepping away… i lost 2 billion… cant even get ms. 107… been here 2 years and soo frustrated!!! ;(

no panda, said see you next monday… i wont get it… its like the axe from Iceland, we have been there a billion times, i still cant get it… lol

I have the same issue with the Crocodile hat in Florida been there 4 times didn’t get it yet. The first port I visited when I first joined was Iceland and the first thing I got was the axe. Funny how it works.

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:grin: i got all 3 gator hats … lol @Jaisy3044

Lol I did get the ones you are talking about, I didn’t get the black one with the gold alligator one, the cowboy hat.

@Jaisy3044 haha ok, yeah , i had to check, i have that one… lol ill sell it to you fo 10 billion coins.

Foxy cant get the white straw hat out of volcano!!! guess we all have something we can’t ever get !!!

Your loss I would have given you 20bil lol, ok send it, we have a deal.

@Jaisy3044 :grin: deal. you can have that stupid hat… lol