Party Passes out of balloon boxes

i cant afford to level up on most of my fish. I have 163 of 191 fish with OVER 60 fish that need leveled up. some are so high, its pathetic, i will never aquire that many fish and chips… lol but then again i cant get passed ms. 106 for 5 months now… i give up except to do challenges. i lost 3 billion this week… playing all my best charms… :frowning: and also the fish prizes are like 2 party passes… lol

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@jaisy, go to Spock2 profile he has all the info on how leveling up works… :slight_smile:

lol Boom, Spock’s profile has Spock’s opinion, if the fish had anything to do with the prizes out of the boxes, how did I receive all those 15k, 17k, 18k, 19k pps when I had zero fish, now that I have over 130 fish I get zilch.

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@Jaisy3044 well, i also dont have 37,000 to 75,000 fish and chips, but id like to see how well they pay out… i do level up the rare and legendary fish on the low end…

i also have NEVER ever recieved the amount of passes you have, but i think its based on how much you spend here, (i just got 1k in passes in the last hour) and it also how much time you spend here…

maybe if i got THAT many passes, id earn enough charms to get up to ms. 106 lol But i have ZERO work for 14 days straight… off until the 13th so i gotta watch every penny!!! :frowning:

Maybe 7Seas doesn’t really care about how the players feel, but from a business perspective it absolutely makes no sense for 7Seas to start giving large amounts of party passes to players only to take that nice feature away just a month or so later. We have many income levels of players here and making as many of them happy just makes good financial sense. The big spenders buy and toss lots of charms at all the different party types, but those who can barely pay the monthly VIP membership depend on free party passes to be able to attend mostly the Grab n Go parties where they are not required to buy and then toss charms. 7Seas, why not give back what you once had given us so that everyone has a more enjoyable experience here? I host many parties and when you see how tickled people are to be able to use the free party passes, well, it’s a joy to see so many players having a good time.


it used to be really bad, like 3 gems, 5 party passes, and we went to VEGAS last October, and Derrick really listened to us… I swear, once i got back, things got better. another thing i asked for, was MORE costumes for more holidays! for the most part, things are better!!!

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Yes Boom I do recall that trip and noticed a big difference after you guys got back, thank you for all the requests you made while you were there, you’re a great addition to our game. We’re lucky to have you.

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I agree 100%. I wish they would reinstate the prizes, It is sad to see the parties empty again and the disappointment. Standing around for 20 minutes waiting for parties to fill isn’t fun.

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yesterday i got 1k, and then i think 900 or 400 … but that was a good day… i also won 500 million 3 x. but lost it all. even using good charms… i only go to grab and go now… because i know we all get rewarded.

you are too kind!!!