7 Seas Casino Code of Conduct

We do not get involved in disputes between players. If you believe another player is violating the 7 Seas Casino Terms of Use, please report the problem to us using 7 Seas Casino’s built in Report Feature. We’ll review the logs and take action if we find a problem that requires action.

Note: All players involved in a report are investigated. This is to prevent action taken from false reports.

Here’s some examples of what we will not get involved in:

  • Name Calling - For example: “You stupid witch”, You’re fat and ugly" etc.
  • Minor sexual comments - For example: “Hey sexy”, “Want to have sex?” etc.
  • Stalking - This does not actually exist in 7 Seas Casino as the only way to actually follow someone is using the Group feature, and this only works if they are your friend.
  • Where a player is standing/dancing - We have no rules about where a person stands in room. Nothing about this violates the 7 Seas Casino Terms of Use.
  • Avatar Appearance - Nothing about how an avatar appears is ever a violation of the Terms of Use.
  • Lies - We have no way of knowing what is the truth or a lie about a player’s real or in-game life.

Here’s some of examples of what we will get involved in:

  • Pervasive abuse or profanity
  • Racial or homophobic name calling
  • Threats of violence
  • Sexual harassment or abuse
  • Posting personal information in a public place (events or comment wall)

PLEASE NOTE: If another player is causing a dispute, retaliating against that player in a manner that violates the Code of Conduct will still result in chat deactivation or account deactivation.

Block And Report

Players have some options when they encounter another player who is rude, mean, aggressive, or otherwise making their 7 Seas Casino experience less fun than it should be.

To find these tools, click on any avatar on the left side of the screen and select Block from their mini-profile.

Block - Blocking another player prevents them from chatting, commenting, or messaging you. In your own Cabin, blocking also boots them out and prevents them from returning. It is not possible to block friends. To unblock a player, go to their profile and click the Block/Unblock button displayed there.

To report a player who isn’t around, go to their Profile page, click the More… button and select Report Player.

Report - Players who are breaking the 7 Seas Casino Terms of Use should be reported. Reports are sent to the 7 Seas Casino staff for review and provides us with the recent Chat history for the room where the Report was made. For serious issues we recommend filing a Report at the time of the incident and contacting 7 Seas Casino support for action. Reports, alone, never generate a response from the 7 Seas Casino staff, so if you need to communicate with us, please generate a Help Ticket in addition to the report.

We do not disclose the names of players who have submitted reports.