Connection Loss Suggestions

Frequent loss of connection is certainly one of the most frustrating problems players have in 7 Seas Casino. It’s frustrating for us as well because it’s not a problem we can normally address on our end.

We do have a number of suggestions, and it’s likely one of the following will improve your 7 Seas Casino experience.

  • Make sure you are running the most up-to-date version of your browser (Microsoft Edge, Chrome, Firefox, Safari.)
  • Frequent crashes/disconnects are possibly a memory issue. Regular problems with Bingo and during crowded Charm Parties may indicate you have a shortage of memory as those two features are among the most memory intensive in 7 Seas Casino.
  • Refresh regularly. If the game crashes consistently after a couple of hours, refresh hourly.
  • Make sure no other browsers or browser tabs are open. Google Chrome, in particular, uses a lot of memory with each open tab.
  • Make sure your WiFi is working correctly and is adequate. We’ve had players report fixing problems with their WiFi router solved their 7 Seas Casino connection issues.
  • Make sure internet bandwidth is available. Avoid using services like Netflix and things like file sharing during Vegas World sessions to avoid problems.

Important: If you have regular connection problems, we recommend you select what 7 Seas Casino games you want to play with that in mind.

7 Seas Casino slot games are built from the ground up to handle losses of connection. If you lose connection during slot play, the results of your last successful wager (where Coins were taken) will be added to your total when you get back into your account. If your Coin total didn’t go up, that just means that last wager wasn’t a winner.

Several 7 Seas Casino games require a consistent connection to function properly. Losing connection for the following games will result in the loss of some or all of your wager:

Bingo: Bingo payouts are awarded the moment you hit the button for a winning Bingo. If you lose connection after a win, your account will keep the winnings collected up to that point. You only lose out on the chance to win potential Bingos following the loss of connection. 7 Seas Casino replaces Coins for Bingo if the game is 50% or less complete.*****

Solitaire: Solitaire (both Sundae’s and Lily Pad) pays Coins while you play for each card that is successfully scored. If you lose connection, you keep the Coins you’ve won up to the disconnection, but lose the chance for both scoring the rest of the cards as well as the chance for the bonus Coins for completing the game. 7 Seas Casino replaces Coins for Solitaire if the game is 50% or less complete.*****

Multiplayer Poker: Loss of connection during a hand of Texas Hold’Em will result in the game folding you from the hand, so you will lose any chips wagered for that hand. All the unused Chips from the game are automatically added back to your Coin total, so no other chips/Coins are lost. There is no Coin compensation for loss of connection during multiplayer poker games.

*Automatic Coin Replacement - Blackjack, Dragon Mahjong, Bingo, and Solitaire games all replace Coins for failed/incomplete games. If you start a game, but do not finish it, it is logged by the system. At first, all incomplete games are compensated, but soon replacement is limited to games that are 50% or less complete. If you have too many failed/incomplete games, the system will stop replacing coins altogether.