7 Seas Casino VIP Membership

Activating the VIP Membership

7 Seas Casino VIP subscriptions are found by clicking the Buy button at the top of the screen. If you are currently in a game, click on 7 Seas Casino in the upper left corner of the screen first. When the Shop has opened, click on the Membership tab.

VIP subscriptions feature automatic renewal billing on the first day of every month and will require a credit card or PayPal account.

If you have never purchased a VIP subscription before, the current month will be FREE! The system will take your credit card or PayPal information and bill you $1 (which is refunded automatically), and your subscription will be set up. You will get the remains of the current Month/Season, then on the 1st of next month, you will be automatically billed $19.99 USD, and your membership will renew automatically.

Note: If you are signing up near the end of the current month, your free season will be a lot shorter than if you sign up at the beginning of a month.

IMPORTANT: A Pre-Paid card cannot be used to purchase a VIP subscription. If a Pre-Paid card is used, the payment will not go through for the next payment.


7 Seas Casino VIP members get:

  • Extra Season Challenge rewards, Avatar Tokens, and Pets!
  • Awesome game-boosting perks!
  • More cash back from your Vault!

The biggest perk of VIP Membership are the Season Challenges. Non-VIP members get modest prizes from the Challenges, but VIP members collect an assortment of far larger prizes, including Gems, Charms, Party Passes, new buildings, and more. That’s on top of the Vault prizes which build up over the Season and pay out at the end of each month.

Cancelling a VIP Subscription

Players can cancel their membership at any time from the Account Settings section of their 7 Seas Casino account. Alternatively, you can request Customer Service to turn off your subscription for you, and we’re happy to.
If you have Customer Service cancel the subscription, make sure to let us know at least a couple of business days before the end of the month to avoid unwanted charges.

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