Bingo Guide

7 Seas Casino Bingo allows you to play one to four cards at a time. Bets per card range from 1000 Coins per card up to 2,500,000 Coins per card.

If you select your cards and change your mind, you can leave the Silver Screen Bingo room at any time without losing any Coins. The game doesn’t take any Coins for your cards until the Bingo game actually begins. Once the game begins, however, you may lose your wager if you leave early for any reason.

Once the game starts, your cards are displayed, and numbers start being announced. Each number is linked to a letter:

B-1 through B-15
I-16 though I-30
N-31 through N-45
G-46 through G-60
O-61 through O-75

The letters just make it lot easier to find the number on your card. As numbers are called, each player should “daub” the matching number or numbers on their cards by clicking (or tapping for touch screens) the matching number or numbers on the cards.

To win, the numbers daubed must match the line or pattern required for the current game. In the standard Bingo pattern, the object is to create a 5-daub line, either horizontal, vertical, or diagonal. 7 Seas Casino also features alternate patterns with an assortment of different pattern types. The pattern for the current game is always displayed in the lower-left corner of the game as you’re playing it.

When you think you duabed numbers enough to match the Patter Type, click “Bingo” under the winning card. If you have marked your numbers correctly, you are a winner! The closer you are to the first winner, the bigger your prize. The game keeps playing until all the Bingos for that game have been claimed. More players means more winners.

If you click Bingo on a card that isn’t a winner, you’ll see the phrase “Bad Bingo” and that card is deactivated for a short while, so be careful!

  1. Exit the Bingo Room - If you’re leaving in the middle of a game, you’ll keep any Coins you’ve already won, but will not be able to win further Coins.
  2. The Current Number - When a new number is called, this is where it is displayed.
  3. Recent Numbers - As new numbers are called, the recent numbers are still displayed for a short while, until they are pushed off the display.
  4. Pattern Type - The pattern determines what the players must do to win, so make sure you take a moment to familiarize yourself with this display.
  5. Undaubed Numbers - If you miss daubing a number, it will turn red on the display to show that it was called.
  6. Bingo - Click the Bingo button for a card that has collected enough daubs to match the current game’s Pattern Type.
  7. Players in the Room - More players means bigger payouts, but more competition to win those payouts.
  8. Bingo List - As players click Bingo on winning cards, their names are added to this list. Each new winner wins less than the one before, so the quicker you collect those daubs and click Bingo, the more you’ll win.