Bingo Guide | Pattern Bingo

How It Works

7 Seas Casino Bingo allows you to play up to four cards at a time. Your wager is placed on each of the cards, so a 1,000 Coin wager for three cards will be a total of 3,000 Coins for the game. If you want to change your wager, you are free to leave Bingo before the game begins and your Coins will not be lost. However, once the game begins, your Coins will be lost, if you leave for any reason.

When the game begins, all of your cards will be displayed, and the numbers will be announced. The cards are designed in typical Bingo format, with the numbers going up to 75 in five columns:

B-1 through B-15
I-16 though I-30
N-31 through N-45
G-46 through G-60
O-61 through O-75

When you get a Bingo, the Bingo button on the card will blink, and you can click Bingo to claim your winnings. Click it as fast as you can, because if another player gets Bingo at the same time as you, whoever clicks first gets the bigger prize!

The closer you are to the first winner, the bigger your prize will be. The game keeps playing until all the Bingos for that game have been claimed. More players means more winners.

Make sure the correct numbers have been daubed, or you will get a Bad Bingo and will not be able to play on that card for a few seconds.

When you click on Bingo, your Coins are paid out to you immediately.

Pattern Bingo

In Pattern Bingo, the game would require you to get a Bingo in a specific pattern. This could be Traditional, Lines, Hardway, Postage Stamp, and Corners. The game will always let you know what the required pattern will be when you’re waiting on the next round, and it will show the required pattern in the lower left corner of the screen throughout the round.

Traditional: Straight line horizontally, vertically, diagonally, or the four corners

Lines: Only horizontal and vertical lines

Hardway: Horizontal and vertical lines, except the lines with a free space

Postage Stamp: Four spaces in a square

Corners: The four corners of the board

pbingo1.PNG pbingo4.PNG pbingo3.PNG pbingo2.PNG pbingo5.png

If you call Bingo outside of getting the required pattern, you will get a Bad Bingo. If this happens, the game will let you know what the required pattern is.

If you miss any numbers, they will turn red for you to daub them.


At the bottom of the screen, there are five different tables you can join. When you join a table, any Charms you purchase will go to all the players sitting at your table. The numbers under the table (x7) show how many Charms have been gifted at that table.

You can only join a table to gift Charms when waiting for the next game to begin.