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Was wondering if it would be possible to add a list of Blocked players, right now we have a friends list so everyone can see who we are friends with.
If there was a list of blocked players our friends could see who we’re blocking too. Thank you.

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I really like the idea of having our current Friends List showing in our personal profile and adding a Blocked Players List so it would be simpler and faster to Unblock a person if needed, and allows our friends to review a trusted person’s Friend List and Blocked Players List before accepting new Friend Request. May want to consider making this new Blocked Players List invisible to anyone this profile owner has blocked already.

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Having a block list to copy others would be detrimental to 7 seas. An example would be numerous guests and others who would be blocked from parties resulting in a NET LOSS in sales for 7 seas. That would be like 7 seas shooting itself in the foot lmaooo! (Just Saying)

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I don’t think people will be copying each other’s blocked list just like they don’t copy each other’s friend’s lists.

i have to say i dont think a block list is something we need, as much as new clothes, islands and other things. like updating old ports… i dont think i have a blocked list that is too long… and i don’t want others to see who i have blocked, or wonder why I am friends with someone that others may not be .

7 seas is a place for me to escape… everyday life… as an example, i just spent 500.00 on my kitty scrappy, only to have to have him put down… and then i spent an hour digging a hole to bury him today… i am exhausted, i want to have fun, play some games and just not think of anything negative for the rest of the day! hugs @Jaisy3044 , @TonyJoe and @MrWinkyNSimone :melting_face: :melting_face: :cat: :cat: :cat: :cat: :cat: :cat: :cat:

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Sorry to hear about your Cat Boom Boom. I agree with what you are saying. 7 seas needs what you would call a “Recycle Center” where you could sell or exchange clothes you no longer want. It also would be nice if they set up a system where you could buy clothes for others - and Passes you could buy for YOURSELF!

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@MrWinkyNSimone i actually dont mind all my clothes etc. because they are in order of when i got them. tells a story sort of… but then again, i dont buy near as many as others do.! haha :grin:

you can buy people ava tokens but not clothes, that would be nice. buying passes would be sweet too. or if you have bogo day, and you buy gems, you should be able to buy gems for someone else and let them get the bonus gems… :slight_smile:

altho after this 500.00 vet bill i am not buying gems, passes, token, fish and chips… or much of anything else. but scrappy was so worth it!!!

I receive messages everyday from the same guy under a different name the reason he uses a different name DAILY is because I block him each time. I was talking to a few friends and they wanted to know the different aliases the guy uses but i don’t have a blocked list to go back and check. Do you understand the reasoning behind it? I see nothing negative about it. I don’t think that other than complaining about not enough passes or not enough outfits I come across as a negative person. Hope you see my point.

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It seems like 7 seas has a history of NOT getting rid of Stalkers, bullies, etc. I have heard numerous reports similar to this ever since I have been on this site. Most sites have a “ZERO TOLERANCE” factor when I comes to subjects like this - we would hope that 7 seas takes notice. Too many spend their hard-earned money on this site to have to put up with all the nonsense.

Does not 7Seas allow each person to block whomever they want ? I believe we all have that right.

yes, tony you can block anyone you want, but what @Jaisy3044 is saying, is she would like to be able to see her own blocked list and review who is on it.

:astonished: sorry you are having problems… @Jaisy3044

me too Boom, got 2 more today from BingoBoy ugh.

I know what Jaisy was saying because she and I had chatted about this topic before she posted. I would love to see us each have an option to save our own Blocked List and either allow Everyone or Just Friends to view it. This would not cost Flowplay money. It would in my opinion reduce the number of feuds that pop up.

i guess i dont get into any feuds. i refuse too… i am friends with whoever i want to be… unless its someone that, lets say is at a party, and is rude to everyone… then i will block…

Someone creating additional accounts to bypass blocks is against the terms of service. Report the subsequent accounts using the in-game report tool and make sure to specify that they are creating additional accounts.

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