Charm Manager | Where Your Charms Are Stored

7 Seas Casino players can buy Charms, collect Charms through Charm Parties, be gifted Charms from other players, collect Charms from games like Sea of Riches, and collect free Charms from features like the Treasure Box and Season Challenges.

Where are all these Charms stored when you’re not using them? Your Charm Manager!

To view your entire Charm collection, you need to open your Charm Manager. There you can select different Charms to use and use Charm Settings to manage how your Charms behave.

Click anywhere in the right-hand sidebar to open your Charm Manager.

My Charms - The main section of your Charm Manager is where all of your Charms are displayed. Similar Charms are displayed grouped together in most cases.

Shop - Click the Get Charms tab in the lower right corner to see what Charms are available for Gem purchase.

Charm Settings - This button allows you to select if your Party Charms automatically outfit themselves as you play (the default).

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