Fringo Guide

How It Works

Fringo is a bingo style game, but you’re daubing fruits instead of numbers.

Fruits will move across the conveyor belt at the top of the screen. If you have the fruit on your board, click on that fruit to daub it.

You do have to daub the fruit while it is on the conveyor belt. If the fruit moves off the screen to the right, you won’t be able to daub it later.

There are 15 different paylines for getting Fringos. Getting a Fringo greatly increases your overall score. Each payline is listed on the left side of the screen. You can click on each number to show how you can complete each payline.

The payline will be the same color as the number you click on to help differentiate which payline you’re looking at, just in case several paylines are displayed at one time.

To remove the payline, just click on the corresponding number to the left, or get a Fringo on that line.

Unlocking Islands

In Fringo, there are several islands you can unlock as you play. Each island requires a specific amount of Fringo Points to unlock it.

Your Fringo Points are displayed when you first open the game, and the amount of Fringo Points you need to unlock the next island will also be displayed.


Powerups are an important feature in Fringo and give players an advantage to get more Fringos during the game. Only certain Power-ups are able to be used on each island, and the types of Power-ups players can use on each island will always be displayed before pressing Play.

To use Power-ups, you must fill the Power-up bar. You fill the bar by daubing fruits with lightning bolts on them.


When a Power-up is ready, you can click on it to use it.


Here’s the list of Power-ups and how to use them:

Single Daub - This allows you to daub any fruit.


Fruit Family - Double-click a fruit, and all of its matches will also be daubed. For example, if a banana is daubed, all the other bananas will also be daubed.


Triple Reward - The next time you daub a fruit, you’ll get 3x the points. Please note, you do have to daub a fruit that appears on the conveyor belt at the top of the screen.


U.F.O. - This will daub two random fruits.


Bandit - This will steal some points from a player who appears higher on the leaderboard.


Magnet - Use this Power-up to jump up one spot on the leaderboard.


Extra Fruits - Three random fruits will appear on the conveyor belt.


Bomb - This will daub the fruit around it, except diagonally.


Double Payout - Select a payline you have yet to complete, and you’ll get 2x the points when it’s completed.


Fireworks - Click on any fruit to daub the entire column.



Each island has its own set of Achievements. To view them, click on Profile when you first open Fringo. This appears next to your avatar.


This will open up your player information in the game. Click on the Achivements tab.

From there, click on any of the Achievements to see information on how to complete them. You can change which island you’re viewing by clicking on the left and right arrow buttons next to the island you’re viewing.

You’ll receive a reward for completing all of the Achivements for each island.

Important Note: Many players have asked why some players are using Power-ups that shouldn’t be available yet, and why some players are receiving a higher Coin reward than others.

With how Fringo was designed, players in three different islands will be playing against each other. The game was designed this way so there will be plenty of players in the room to play against each other and to complete Achievements.

For example, the first three islands will play in the same room, and the second set of three islands will play in a different room, and this continues with each set of three islands after that.

If a player has already advanced to the next island, they will gain access to a new Power-up and to higher Coin rewards. Players will just need to advance to the next island to also have access to those features.

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