Jewels of Osiris Boosters Guide

There are several Boosters to help increase the Coin Payout in Jewels of Osiris, and there are unique ways to earn them while playing.

Boosters to Earn

Shuffle: This Booster will shuffle all the Jewels on the board. To activate it, click on the Shuffle icon on the left side of the screen.


Note: Once the Shuffle has been used, it will no longer be available until it is earned again through gameplay.

Dagger of Osiris: This Booster will be placed on a single Jewel on the board. To activate it, make a match with the Dagger of Osiris, and it will remove all of the Jewels in a row or column. The direction the daggers are facing will determine if the Dagger of Osiris removes the row or the column of Jewels.


Fire: This Booster will also be placed on a single Jewel on the board and is activated by matching it with other Jewels of the same color. Once activated, it will remove all of its surrounding Jewels.


Gold Tile Elixir: This Booster will turn any tile to gold without needing to make a match. This is especially helpful for those corners where matches are harder to make.


Lightning: This Booster is placed on a single Jewel and will remove random Jewels all over the board once activated.


How to earn Boosters

  1. Fill the pots at the top of the screen by making matches of the colors they specify. Once filled, a Booster will be received and applied to the board.

  1. Treasure Tombs: Complete the challenges to earn extra Boosters by making specific matches, or matching Jewels of a specific color.

  1. Ankh Treasure Tomb: For this challenge, drop the Ankh pieces to the bottom of the board. There will be arrows indicating where the Ankh pieces can be collected for the Treasure Tomb. Once all the required Ankh pieces have been collected, a Booster will be received.


Extra Spins

Once a level has been completed, there will be a chance to earn some extra Coins and Boosters from the following spins/choices:

Ramses Riches - Free spin for extra Coins

Wheel of Osiris - Free spin for extra Coins and Boosters

Jewels of Osiris - Choose a Jewel for free Coins

Pharaoh’s Treasure - Free spin to choose a number of tiles for Coins