Jewels of Osiris Guide

Jewels of Osiris is a Match 3 game where jewels are swapped on the board to match Jewels of the same color in a row. Each time a Jewel is swapped to make a match, this counts as a move, and each move places a bet using Coins. Since bets are being placed on moves, making matches of 4 or 5 Jewels together will receive more coins.

The purpose of each level is to turn all the tiles to Gold. This is done by matching Jewels on every tile on the board. At the top of the board, there is a number showing how many more tiles need to be turned to gold in order to complete the level.

Note: Some levels will contain Ice tiles. Several matches will need to be made on these tiles in order to clear them.


Types of matches to make on the board:

Match 3:

Match 4:


Match 5:

As moves are made on the board, new Jewels will cascade down to fill in the empty spaces, which can make more matches as they are cascading.

Coin Payouts:

Coin Payouts are determined by the types of matches made. If three Jewels are matched together, 1% of the bet is received. For example, if the bet is 25,000 Coins, each match of three Jewels will earn 250 Coins. Matches of five Jewels will earn 25,000 Coins.

Match 3 - 1% of bet

Match 4 - 50% of bet

Match 5 - 100% of bet

Match 6 - 150% of bet

Match 7 - 200% of bet

Match 8+ - 250% of bet

Cascades can have a total Coin Payout of 1% up to 3500% of the bet, and this is determined by the size and number of the cascades, and which level is currently being played. The longer a cascade lasts, a higher payout of Coins is received.