Party Cabins

I noticed that parties being hosted are in cabins that are not there cabins how does work does this mean someone can host a party in my cabin w/o me knowing

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@TruBear you can go to settings and 2nd tab : privacy and sharing, go down to where it says: who can visit my cabin, and click on no one. i set mine to no one, unless i throw a party… and then if you host a party, its hard to get people out… honestly tho, i dont hang in my cabin EVER… except for parties… if i leave the game. i just log out. lol

Hope this helps!! :grin:

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When players schedule a party, the only locations you can choose are your own cabin and the public locations, like the Ship Lounge. No one would be able to host a party in your Cabin.


If it’s just an issue of players entering your Cabin, you can adjust your Privacy Settings like @Boom_Boom mentioned.

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