Same old places.. no new inventory

We just got to Atlantis… and i can’t get the ancient treasure until Saturday!!! To make this fun, and for us long timers to keep going back to ports and other areas… we have to have something to look forward to!!! It would be fun to put some inventory items at each of those places… at the cove, we only got the eye patch… some of us like me, have been here 2 1/2 years or more, and i love :gift_heart: when we get some cool unexpected merch… (i still want the panda head) . :grin: just a thought…

But with that said, i love the new fringo level, the other temp ones had nothing to win. i have done all 28 of these… (the banana closing out a full fringo was the hardest) and bravo on new clothes. (its the little things).

not sure if i like the new slots… i was #1 for the first day, now when i play i am only winning 800,000 on a 5 million bet… even with good charms! lol altho the name Boomin bucks… is cool, i tell people its named after me!!!

Thanks for your feedback. I’ve passed this along to our teams.

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They should add a pirate hat to the cove. More pirate accessories.

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Yes, and some piratey clothes… and then for atlantis… we need more then the crown they give us automatically… and for reef. something cool to wear… otherwise i dont go except to collect fish … i have over 800 seahorses… because there is nothing worth winning.