Slot Game Pay Tables

Each 7 Seas Casino slot game includes a Pay Table that describes how that particular slot works and pays out. Each slot game is different from the others, so what pays out in one game may not pay out the same or at all in another.

To see the Pay Table for each game, click the Pay Table button in the lower-left corner of each game.

The first thing displayed are the Payouts. Unless a game’s Pay Table says otherwise, all payouts are read starting from the left-most column, then to the right. The payout amounts are based on your currently selected wager level. If you raise or reduce you wager, the amounts will adjust accordingly.

Each slot game has its own selection of “Specials” and they may work quite differently from game to game. Always consult a game’s own Pay Table if you have questions about how that game’s specials work.

The Pay Lines show the specific lines that will pay out when there are matching tiles, left to right. Again, the pay lines vary from game to game, so a line that wins for one game may not be a winner on another.