Slot Payouts

Pay Table

The Pay Table includes all of the information on the payouts of each Slot, including how many Coins are received, the Progressive Jackpot, and the specific pay lines to receive a payout. This is generally found in the lower left corner of each game.


This is the Pay Table for Mystic Billions, found in the lower left corner of the screen.

All of the Payouts are included in the Pay Table. This shows how many Coins are received for each item, including the specific number of items a player gets on each spin.

Pay Lines

The pay lines are all different for each game. If one specific pay line works for one game, it may not receive any Coins for another game. The Pay Table has all of the Pay Lines for each game displayed like in the image below:

Progressive Jackpot

There is a Progressive Jackpot in all of the Slots, and the amount a player can potentially win is displayed at the top of the screen.


Important: The Jackpot has to follow the pay lines for its specific game. Seeing all 5 Jackpot items in the game does not guarantee a win if it does not follow a pay line.