Starfish and Seahorses

In 7 Seas Casino, players can collect Starfish and Seahorses to get extra items from mini-games and from clicking on different areas in the game. They will appear on the Deck as well as in any Port. Players can click on any Seahorse and Starfish that appear to collect them, and they can also be received as a reward from Season Challenges. Prizes from the mini-games can include Coins, Charms, Sea of Riches spins, and items your avatar can wear.

Note: Other players cannot see where your Seahorses and Starfish are located, but you can click on them even if another player is standing in front of them.

Mini-Games and other Rewards

A good way to see what you can interact with is to just click around in the different areas, especially on items that are moving or sparkle.

Seahorses can be spent in the Coral Reef, and Starfish are spent on the main Deck and in the Ports of the cities.

On the main Deck, players can play the Shuffleboard for the cost of 10 Starfish:


In Hawaii, you can click on the turtle to receive a prize for 16 Starfish:


Note: Some items or games will only give you a gift once and you’ll then have to wait a period of time to claim a new gift. When this happens, the game will tell you to come back later.

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