Dragon Mahjong Guide

How to Play

Click on pairs of matching tiles to clear them from the board. The tiles cannot be blocked on the right or left side, and they cannot have tiles sitting on top of them.

Tip: The levels will increase with difficulty as players progress, and some levels will have many layers of tiles. To avoid getting stuck with no pairs left on the board, it helps to remove as much of each layer as possible before progressing to the bottom layer. This helps uncover more tiles to match when nearing the end of the level.

Season Tiles: There are four tiles representing each season. These tiles can be paired with other Season tiles, and they do not have to match.


Flower Tiles: There are also four tiles with Flowers on them, and they can be paired together without matching.


Locks: Locks cannot be matched together. They can only be unlocked once all tiles have been removed from their sides.


Energy Bar

Match pairs of tiles with a lightning bolt to increase the Energy Bar. This will bring up a random Power-Up to use on the board to help complete the level.

mceclip2.png mceclip3.png

Tip: If the level is tricky, use the Power Ups as they appear in the Energy Bar before matching more tiles with lightning bolts. This will give more opportunities to use Power Ups to complete the level.

Power Ups

1. Gold Tile Match: Pair any two tiles on the board, even if they do not have a free side or are covered by other tiles. This helps with a tile placed on top of its match.


2. Triple Rewards: Receive triple the coin payout for the next three matches.


3. Swap Tiles: Swap any two tiles on the board.


4. Gold Multi-Match: Choose a tile on the board to remove. All of its matching tiles will also be removed.


5. Extra Energy: Energy is applied to several extra tiles on the board to fill up the Energy Bar more often in a level.


6. Fireworks: Turns several random tiles on the board into fireworks and removes them.


Note: Power-Ups can only be used when the Energy Bar has been filled. If there are no more possible matches in the game, 60 Gems will be required in order to Shuffle the board to continue playing.

Egg Hatchery

As you play through levels, you’ll find Eggs to hatch in the Egg Hatchery. Hatching these Eggs will reward players with items such as Power ups and Coins. When you find an Egg, the game will notify you with the message included in the screenshot below:

There are Bronze, Silver, and Gold Eggs to find while you play, and you can choose which Eggs to hatch in the Egg Hatchery. To locate this option, click on the Egg icon in the upper right corner of the screen.


You can hatch 3 Eggs at a time, and they do take time to hatch, like the Treasure Box. When they’re ready, you’ll see the option to click Ready! to collect your rewards.


The amount of coins received for each match is a percentage of your wager and is dependent on the difficulty of the level. For example, for an easy level the Coins received can be 1% of your wager. For a difficult level, the Coins received can be 5% of your wager.

Once all of the tiles have been cleared, the final payout screen will show you the amount of coins received for your matches, as well as any tiles unlocked for extra Coins.

The final screen will also let you know if an Egg was located in the level.

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