How to catch an orca whale?

I can never seem to be able to can an orca. They are my favorite animal so I would love one in my fish tank! I have tried power bait of of all types but can’t seem to get one so I have to ask:

What kind of bait did you use to catch an orca?

Please help me achieve my dream :whale: :black_heart: :white_heart: :black_heart: :white_heart:

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@jensquire i just checked and i have an ORCA… it says i have a level 8 one. And its considered UNCOMMON.

Each island comes up with certain animals… but I am not sure which Island i got it on. Hope this helps!!!

I dont know if you have gotten it yet but I got mine using the steak…it also depends on where the boat is at, at the time…in my opinion it is best to try for it is: when you are looking at the ship in the ocean, when you can see the little treasure chest is floating in the water, sometimes you can see a little bottle floating in the water or see the dolphins swimming or sometimes you can see the whale swimming by,well it is easier to get the whales when the whale is swimming by…I dont know if it was luck or accuracy but it worked for me to throw the steak in then.


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ive clicked on those bottles just for fun… i am not sure if there is a strategy or not… i just play. sometime i get new fish on the worm, sometimes not. the long 20 hour window doesnt always get you the best (NEW) fish…

So far I have been trying with marshmallow and steak. I will give the worm a try (and steak when I am done for the day). Thanks for the suggestions. When I succeed I will definitely follow up here. :grin:

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ive gotten more new fish using the gummy worm. sometimes ill go to 4 in a row on that, and ill get 2 or 3 new fish… we will never have them all, because they had 20 every couple of months. and then each one can level up … so many times. i have over 70 waiting to be leveled up! lol :joy: :frowning: