Sundaes Classic Solitaire and Lily Pond Solitaire Guide

Sundaes Classic Solitaire

This solitaire game plays just like Classic Solitaire. The draw pile offers three cards at a time, and all of the cards must be placed on the four foundations, starting with the Aces. All the cards must be placed in order up to the Kings, and they must match the suit.


On the rest of the board, each card can be placed in descending order and must be in alternating colors. Black cannot be placed on black, and red cannot be placed on red.

If a free space becomes available, a King can be placed in that column. All cards can be moved from one column to another to help complete the game. Once all of the cards have been revealed (no longer face down), they will automatically be moved to the four foundations in the upper right corner of the game.

Note: Only the top card in the deck can be placed on the board. If the top card is placed on the board, the second card can then be placed.


Coins are received for all the cards revealed on the board. If all cards are placed on the four foundations, a Clear Bonus will be received.

Note: The Clear Bonus is affected by how many times the deck is recycled in the game. The less amount of times the deck is recycled, the more Coins are received.

Lily Pond Solitaire

In Lily Pond Solitaire, a card is drawn from the deck, and cards from the board that are one higher or one lower are then played onto the drawn card in the Match Pile.

There is no limit to the amount of cards that can be played from each draw.

Example: The drawn card is an 8. From the board, the cards played can be 7,8,7,6,5,4,3,4,5,6.

The level is complete when all cards have been cleared from the board.

Note: Once all the cards from the deck have been drawn, they do not recycle to begin drawing again from the beginning.


Frogs in Lily Pond Solitaire have special abilities to help clear the board. A new From will be unlocked in each new Pond.








Frogs can be earned by playing specific cards from the board. They are located in the top left corner of the required card to play to unlock them.



Coins are received for each cleared card on the board. If the board is completely cleared, bonus Coins are received for the remaining cards in the deck.